Feeling Fancy: Are Bidets Really Worth Your Money?

Feeling Fancy: Are Bidets Really Worth Your Money?

The classic bidet is a small device that looks somewhat like a bathtub but is situated next to the commode and has taps on one side. This tub is filled with water, and the user sits on it to wash below the belt area.

The original bidet was made in France in the 1600s and has evolved from multiple versions to the one you read about above.

Despite the popularity of bidets in bathrooms worldwide, Americans are still reluctant to get these fixtures in their bathrooms.

So, are bidets worth it?

Yes, they are. The USA consumes around 34 million toilet paper rolls in a single day. This waste adds to our landfills and oceanic waste significantly and can be reduced by investing in a bidet once.

People in West Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America have been using bidets to clean their private parts for many years. Japanese companies, like Toto, are making bidets electric. Americans are getting left behind by their refusal to incorporate this nifty gadget.

Why doesn’t America have more bidets?

The average American bathroom is not designed to incorporate a bidet. There is no extra space or plumbing fixtures needed for bidet installation. Additionally, Americans are not used to using bidets.

Most of us grew up using toilet paper to clean up after the bathroom and still do so. However, bidets provide a better way to stay clean.

Bidets are environmentally friendly:

It takes more than 37 gallons of water to make a single toilet paper roll. And Americans tend to spend $40 to $70 on average on toilet paper every year and use around 34 million rolls every day.

Contrastingly, a bidet only uses one-eighth of a gallon of water and can reduce your toilet paper expense by more than 75%.

You’ll also be glad to know that investing in a bidet will save the 384 trees that were going to be cut down to make toilet paper that you alone would have used during your lifetime.


Bidets are more sanitary:

Using water to clean your private parts is much safer than using a toilet paper roll that has been sitting on the holder, accumulating germs. If you use wet wipes, you might also want to stop doing so since they can irritate your skin and induce rashes.

Wet wipes also tend to leave residue on your skin, so rather than making you cleaner, they may be doing the opposite. Wet wipes can cause harm to your oceans and sewers, too, so they should be avoided.

Bidets can improve your cleanliness and reduce your chances of rashes, infections, hemorrhoids, and other urinary issues.

If you want to start small, consider asking Pro Serve Plumbers to install a bidet attachment for you. They come for as cheap as $30 and may change your life. Call us at 817-244-0614 to get your new bidet fixture installed today, and for other plumbing services for your Fort Worth, TX home, contact us here.