5 Plumbing Inspections You need to do Before You Buy a House

5 Plumbing Inspections You need to do Before You Buy a House

You may not be thinking about sewers and bathroom pipes when you are signing the deal for your new house, but improper plumbing can create many problems for you later on.

Unprofessional plumbing can lead to you paying hefty amounts in repairs and pose a danger to your health. Therefore, you absolutely must check out the plumbing in any home you are planning to buy.

Here is a handy list of features that need to be inspected:


Insist on a sewer camera inspection for the sanitary and storm sewers, especially if you are buying a home in an older neighborhood. Chances are that tree roots may have infested the sewer pipes, and the owner themselves may not know.

In such a case, a video camera inspection can help you rule out any root infestation from the trees in the backyard. If the tree roots are there, you may have to work on preventative measures to control their growth.

Water heater

Thoroughly check the water heaters for any corrosion or rust. Other minor issues in a water heater can be overlooked, but corrosion can become a bigger problem.

Since the water heater will be used daily, it needs to be able to handle the water needs of your family.

Water meter and valves

Have your plumber inspect the water meter or do it yourself to make sure it is working. Turn off all the taps and check if the water meter is still turning. If it is, there might be a leak somewhere.

Check the valves by turning off the main valve operation and then checking if any of the sinks have any water. If all the valves are working correctly, their corresponding sink should not have water.

Sinks, toilets, and faucets

All of the faucets and sinks should function properly with no leaks or drips. Check the water flow when the tap is opened to its maximum and that there are no slow sinks anywhere.

Inspect the toilets to see if they flush properly and have a good water flow. If anything seems suspicious, there may be a clog somewhere.

Septic system

If your potential new house has a septic tank, you need to make absolutely sure it is operational. Any standing water or funny smells indicate that there is seepage and should be addressed immediately.

Of course, nothing beats getting an expert opinion from your plumber. Before you say yes, contact a licensed plumber to perform plumbing checks on your Fort Worth, TX house. Pro Serve Plumbing provides professional plumbing inspections and all kinds of plumbing services. Give us a call at 817-244-0614 to book your appointment today.