Eek! Creepy Critters That Can Take Refuge in Your Plumbing Lines

Eek! Creepy Critters That Can Take Refuge in Your Plumbing Lines

Are you an animal-lover? Most people are. But love them or hate them, you probably don’t want them anywhere near your home’s pipelines.

One may ask why on earth you’d find animals in plumbing in the first place? The truth is, it’s as good an entrance as any. When the cold winter winds arrive, animals look for shelter—and what’s a cozier place than the attic or the basement? Your house’s pipe works, of course!

Here are some critters you need to look out for.

Mice and other small-sized rodents

Small creatures like rats can enter dry pipes, such as stink pipes, through small external openings to travel into the house, as they search for food and warmth. Rodent infestations can begin from one small, harmless rat to an entire nest within weeks. If your home’s walls are making squeaky sounds at night, it’s not ghosts; it’s worse, it’s rodents!

Reptiles: Snakes

This is the worst-case scenario. Depending on where you live, it’s a possibility that as you make an ordinary trip to the toilet someday, a resident snake will decide to pay you a visit.

Frogs, too, can make an appearance, and they’re just as gross. To stop this from happening, you can install mesh caps on the pipes.

Insects and bugs

These are more common, but equally alarming. Most of them have very flexible living standards; not only can they creep into the tiniest spaces, but they also don’t mind wet or dry conditions.

You can find any number of these pests in your piping, including cockroaches, drain flies, centipedes, and so on. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get rid of them.

Pets and other large animals

Sometimes, even large animals can squeeze into smaller pipes. This is concerning because these creatures end up there accidentally in most cases, and may find it hard to escape, endangering their lives. They are also more likely to cause damage to your pipes because of their size.

In such a case, no matter what time it is, it becomes your responsibility to contact a 24-hour plumber and an animal rescue team to ensure its safety.


If you suspect something slithering in your pipes or creeping in your drains, get in touch with us, and we will check it out for you!