When it comes to bathroom plumbing, a leaking toilet is one of the most common issues homeowners face. Not only do toilet leaks cause a mess on the bathroom floor, but they can also be a huge burden on your wallet and the environment.

A leaky toilet can cause as much as 4,000 gallons of water wastage every day, costing you thousands of dollars every year in excess water bills.

Plumber fixing malfunctioning toilet

Therefore, you need to spot a leaky toilet early on and call a reputable, licensed plumber before what’s a simple fix turns into a costly repair job.

But what if you don’t know there’s a leak? How do you identify a silent leak before it inflicts major damage that requires expensive repairs? Fortunately, there are a few easy tests that can help you detect silent toilet leaks.

Here are three:

The Dye Test

This is perhaps the simplest toilet leak detection test. You need to buy toilet leak detection pills (these are either red or blue colored) from your local plumbing supplies store, and place them in the toilet tank. After around 10 minutes, check the toilet bowl to see if there’s any color in it. If there is, then you’ve got a leak on your hands and you need to call a trusted plumber.

The Pencil Test

This is yet another simple and easy toilet leak detection test—all you need for this one is a pencil.

Take off the top cover of the toilet tank and mark the waterline on the interior wall of the water tank with your pencil.

After you’re done, turn off the water supply and wait for twenty minutes. Remove the top cover again. If the water level has dipped below the mark you drew, the flush valve located in the tank’s center is leaking.

Install a Water Leak Sensor

Another way you can stay on top of silent toilet leaks is by investing in a water leak sensor. This nifty device will make a beeping sound or flash a red light as soon as the toilet starts leaking. If the toilet is functioning properly, the sensor will flash green. Water leak sensors are easily available and generally cost around $20 to $30.

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