Don’t DIY: Why DIY Gas Repairs Are a Big No-No.

Gas repair tools

Noticing a distinct rotten-egg smell in your house? Do you suspect gas leaks?

If you have already decided to take things into your own hands and have already picked up the toolbox, then let us give you some advice.

Put that toolbox down and abort mission!’

Gas leaks in houses are very common than you think. However, this doesn’t mean that, like any other DIY home repair mission, you can tackle it too.

Sure, YouTube gas leak repair videos make it seem so simple. But when it comes to gas repairs, you don’t want to be playing with fire (pun intended).

Here’s why you might want to reconsider your DIY plans.

An Explosion Waiting to Happen

Gas lines that are leaking or gas appliances that aren’t correctly connected are a reason for concern. Leaking gas is one of the common reasons behind residential filres as it catches fire right away. If you suspect a gas leak, call your local gas provider and ask them to switch off your gas right away. Doing otherwise might put you and even your neighbors’ lives at risk.

Gas Leaks Invite Fire Sparks

Leaking gas from gas ovens has the potential to turn into a hazardous fire. Even the flick of a matchstick can act as a trigger, and the whole place would be up in flames.

Gas lighter

It’s better to call your nearest gas leak repair service in Arlington, as they have the proper tools and the knowledge to deal with gas leak repairs.

You Are Not Licensed

Another factor that keeps you from being a candidate for performing unauthorized gas repair is the fact that you are not a licensed professional. Gas repair technicians are not only well-trained to handle such situations with ease, but they are also equipped with the right tools. Moreover, they have undergone training on how to cope if something goes wrong.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Small gas leaks might not be detectable; however, continuous gas leaks can soon accumulate and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Incomplete oxidation of Natural gas results in Carbon Monoxide production, which, unlike natural gas, is both colorless and odorless.

Carbon monoxide causes dizziness and nausea and has been a widely reported cause of death, killing at least 400 people annually.

To avert all these dangers, it’s better to get in touch with a reliable gas repair service in Arlington, TX. Pro Serve Plumbers operate in Texas and provide all kinds of plumbing services, including gas repair service in Arlington, TX. In case of any gas repair related emergency, contact us at Pro Serve Plumbers.