Does Your Home Need a Water Filtration System or a Water Softener?

We all need clean, high-quality, safe drinking water for use to ensure good health. But there are certain water quality issues that need to be fixed by installing either a water filtration system or water softener.

A water softener installed to keep the faucets rust-free in Texas

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is untreated water that has calcium and magnesium ions. It can cause various problems around your house, which can be frustrating and dangerous.

It causes dry and flaky skin and can exacerbate eczema and other skin diseases. You’ll feel rashes on your scalp and dandruff buildup due to mineral deposits on your skin and scalp. It can lead to severe hair thinning as well.

Hard water also damages the bathroom fixtures like sinks and your faucets as it rapidly corrodes them away. Washing dishes and laundry also becomes a hassle as it leaves white, chalky spots on your plates and glasses, while ruining the texture of your clothes.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium ions through ion exchange. They use sodium to purify the water and have resin that allows the water to pass through the beads while removing the minerals from it. It helps in saving on cleaning supplies as the soap doesn’t lather using hard water.

Water softeners are eco-friendly as they use less amount of water rinsing and electricity. They are also easier to maintain.

How Does Water Filtration System Work?

Water filters treat contaminated water with their purifying technologies. It consists of high-quality water filters and makes the water safe for even drinking in addition to removing the mineral ions. They tend to remove pollutants and chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines.

Most of them trap the water and convert the contaminants within their matrix and then remove the mineral ions through backwashing cleaning cycles. They also have an option to replace their media cartridges to increase their efficiency.

Contaminated water also contains microorganisms that are eliminated through its UV lamp rays, which sterilize the water. The ultra-violet rays destroy the bacteria and the sheets of several membranes filter out the pollutants and micro-particles leftover.

Choosing A System Suitable For Your Needs

Water softeners can be installed if the hard water is disrupting your home through scale buildup and other harmful effects on your health. However, if you’re facing other problems due to water contamination, you need to install a water filtration system for your whole house with the help of a professional plumbing service.

Some people choose to install both water softeners and water filters to treat the water, since it is a complete solution to all water contamination problems.

Hard water formed rust on the faucet

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