Burst That Bubble! 4 Plumbing Myths Debunked

The Internet has made all kinds of knowledge accessible to us; unfortunately, this has also given way to a ton of misinformation. This results in two significant problems: firstly, the people who believe in these myths disregard the credibility of plumbing professionals who have dedicated their time and effort to this industry.

And secondly, myths can lead people to do more damage than good, costing them more in repairs than the initial damage would have.

To save your time, money and effort, we’ve decided to set the record straight once and for all.

Myth 1: If the drain is draining water, anything goes

Truth: This is one of the most common problems people fail to recognize. Just because water is draining properly doesn’t mean you can keep putting food particles down it! Certain foods absorb water and become bloated, causing blockages within the pipe. Therefore, don’t be lazy and dispose of your food particles properly before doing your dishes!

Myth 2: Lemon juice for cleaning the garbage disposal

Truth: This is more of a mistake than a myth. While it’s possible that lemon juice could be used to clean and disinfect your disposal, it would be unwise to ignore science, which tells us that lemons contain acidic content that will eventually corrode metal. Using ice instead is a more fool-proof method.

If you have already damaged the blades, get one of our licensed plumbing professionals to help you out!

Myth 3: Flushable wipes

Truth: Flushable? Yes. Biodegradable? No.  Toilets paper is usually designed to dissolve and disintegrate in the sewage system. However, these wipes are usually designed with synthetic materials that don’t break down, like polyester, for instance. As a result, you flush them down your toilet but end up clogging the sewers.

Green America reports that a study tested 101 wipes in the market for flushability, and found that not a single product passed. It is just a misleading marketing gimmick that you should not fall for.

Myth 4: Slightly leaky faucets are acceptable

Truth: They would not be acceptable if you realize the harm they were causing to you personally and to the entire planet in general.

The US Environmental Protection Agency states that the average household in the US can waste up to 9,400 gallons of water per year—that’s 300 loads of laundry! Don’t be one of those families.

Your tiny leak could be costing you extra money on your water bill, and eventually, it will start damaging other bathroom fixtures.

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