Repiping a home is a major home development and maintenance project to take on, but it has its rewards. Repiping is the process of replacing a home’s pipes. This can be done for reasons like:

  • Your home’s pipes are nearing the end of their life
  • Constant plumbing repairs required
  • Faulty installation
  • Low pressure in the pipes
  • Leaks and pipe bursts

Repiping done by a reliable plumbing service for your Fort Worth home has many benefits:

Improved quality of water

Corroded pipes compromise the quality of water in your home. Water running through rusted pipes doesn’t just taste metallic; it’s also unsafe for consumption. While the rust content in the water isn’t an issue, the harmful bacteria or lead in and on the pipes are a health hazard.

Having rusty water running through your home’s pipes is still a pain. It stains fixtures and fittings as well as your clothes. Having the pipes replaces for better quality ones will result in cleaner water that doesn’t just taste better, but doesn’t leave behind any stains either.

Better water pressure within the pipes

Low pressure in the pipes is the number one issue that arises with old pipes. Low pressure most often occurs in pipes made of galvanized steel. When such pipes corrode, they begin to block the pipe, reducing the flow of water, resulting in low pressure in the faucets.

Galvanized steel pipes corrode on the inside and it’s therefore difficult to determine whether they’re corroded. Over time, the buildup within the pipes restricts the flow of water.

Galvanized steel pipes take years to corrode and therefore, you might not notice the low pressure since it’s so gradual. Once these pipes are replaced with newer, more efficient ones, you will notice the distinct difference in pressure.

Your toilet’s flush will fill up quicker, the pressure in the showerheads will improve, and your water heater will fill up faster too.

No leaks and risk of pipes bursting

New pipes, installed by trained and licensed plumbers, are less likely to leak or burst. You won’t need to call in professionals as frequently for plumbing repairs. Your home won’t be prone to mold or property damage as a result of corroded pipes anymore.

More hot water

The improved pressure in the pipes really helps with multitasking. Since the water heater fills up quicker, you’ll be able to wash the dishes, do laundry, and have a shower at the same time, without worrying about running out of hot water.

Water heaters work efficiently

When hot water pipes in your home develop leaks, your water heater has to work in overdrive to make up for the water it’s constantly losing. Working under such pressure all the time will eventually lead to a water heater breakdown.

Replacing the pipes in your home will massively improve the efficiency of your water heater, reducing the chances of it breaking down.

Lower bills

Corroded pipes are prone to developing multiple leaks, so you end up paying for water you’re not using. Getting the pipes in your home replaced reduces your water bills since you’re saving on water.

Improves the value of your home

Repiping your home is an excellent move if you’re thinking about selling it. New pipes increase the value of your home, even though it’s not a visible upgrade like renovating a kitchen or redesigning a luxurious bathroom. However, homebuyers will really appreciate the effort as they won’t have to spend time and money on getting it done. It also means the new owners of your home won’t have to worry for a good few decades about repiping the plumbing!

There are plenty of benefits of repiping your home, but none for allowing old pipes to fester in your home has absolutely no benefits. Get your home’s plumbing repiped by us at Pro Serve Plumbing. We’re a Fort Worth based service that specializes in affordable plumbing repiping services in Texas. We also provide 24/7 assistance with our emergency plumbing. Just call +1-817-244-0614!