6 Signs of a Gas Leak That Need Immediate Attention

gas stove

The shocking death of a 12-year-old girl several years ago led Texas state officials to pass a bill in 2019 that requires operators to remove some of the most dangerous pipes in the state. This bill was a long time coming and incredibly important to the safety and wellbeing of Texas residents, especially since many more leaks that have proved fatal have taken place since then.

Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous, leading to explosions and the destruction of houses, loss of life and illness, making them important to address as urgently as possible. Prevention is crucial, but often, minor leaks go unnoticed and next thing you know, there’s a real threat.

It’s important to recognize the dangers of gas leaks and the signs that they indicate. Watch out for the following:

1. Constant whistling and whirring noises

If you hear whistling or any other low, shrilly noises around the house, it’s a cause for concern. Don’t ignore odd noises, but instead check for other signs and call our gas line repair service in Fort Worth, TX immediately.

2. Bubbling in wet areas

If your water keeps bubbling, it’s likely that there’s been a gas leak that’s causing this. Notify relevant authorities and vacate the house immediately because you never know how long it’s been.

running tap

3. Dead and discolored vegetation

Gas causes vegetation near pipes to die or become discolored. Internal leaks cause houseplants to die and wilt as well, so if without cause you notice your houseplants beginning to die or become discolored, call your pipe repair specialists.


4. Smell of sulfur or rotten eggs

Natural gas has a strong, unpleasant stench that will remind you of rotten eggs or sulfur. If you or other residents of the house notice awful smells emanating the area, don’t overlook this as something random.

5. Trouble breathing

Gas will also make it difficult for you to breathe, which means you’ll struggle to catch your breath, your throat will feel tight and constricted and itchy. Coughing, struggling to breathe or inhale, and irritation of the eyes are all signs of trouble. This is especially true if multiple people within that space experience these symptoms.

6. Dizziness

If you or other people at home are feeling dizzy and lightheaded, it could be the result of a gas leak. Inhaling this gas will not only make you feel sick, but it will also have you feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

If you notice any of the above signs, call us immediately. We offer gas leak detection and repairs in Arlington and Forth Worth, TX.