5 Plumbing Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

5 Plumbing Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

Home plumbing is more complex than people make it out to be. But it’s still important to take a deep dive and learn about the drainage and plumbing system in your property to ensure better maintenance.

Here are five plumbing facts to get you started:

Let’s get started!

Flushable” wipes are not flushable

You should never flush so-called flushable wipes *air quotes*. They don’t break down in the drain like toilet paper and can accumulate in your drainage system, which ultimately leads to clogged drains.

Cooking grease belongs in the compost bin

Fats and grease can become rock-hard and clog the pipeline in your kitchen if they go down the garbage disposal unit. So the next time you prepare fried eggs and crispy bacon for breakfast and think about putting your pan in the sink, make sure to give it a good wipe with a tissue and dispose of it in the bin.


Drain cleaners should be named “drain killers”

Drain cleaners have corrosive chemicals in them that can significantly damage your drainage system over time. Alternatively, you should use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean your drain system.

Plumbers don’t always have the right equipment

Most professional plumbers always carry a range of equipment to carry out different kinds of plumbing work, but they don’t always have the right ones in their arsenal. And that’s understandable.

Good plumbers don’t lie about it; they either improvise or ask you for some time to get the right tools to get the job done.

Outside faucets should be turned off during winters

Outside faucets must be kept off during winters to avoid damaging the plumbing system. Disconnect any hoses connected to your faucets to prevent frozen pipes.

Moreover, cut the water supply from inside and drain the hoses. This will save you from unnecessary repair expenses next winter season.

You should always hire a licensed plumber

Of course, an unlicensed plumber will never tell you the risks involved in hiring a plumber with no license and insurance. Not only could they worsen your plumbing problem, but they could also void your insurance; hence, you’ll be liable to pay thousands of dollars if things go wrong.


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