5 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Maintenance or Replacement

Garbage disposal is a standard feature in most American kitchens. In fact, around 66% of Americans agree that garbage disposals make cleaning up after cooking and eating a lot easier.

It is one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen, as it reduces trash, prevents the house from smelling like stale and rotting food, and makes it easier to get rid of food waste.

It is also beneficial for the environment, as it prevents a lot of food waste from ending up in landfills.

But as with any other appliance, the garbage disposal needs regular maintenance and repairs to keep working efficiently. A broken-down garbage disposal can be incredibly frustrating, so it needs to be tended to in a timely manner.

Here are some signs to look out for that indicate that your garbage disposal isn’t working properly and needs maintenance or repairs:

Requires Constant Resetting

Sometimes, your garbage disposal needs to be reset after you’ve put too much food down the drain.

However, if you reset it constantly and keeps turning off every time you put in some scraps, it might indicate a failing motor and may require a replacement of some parts.

Frequent Clogging

If you are careful with the type of scraps and the amount of food waste you put in your garbage disposal, it is unlikely to clog.

However, if your garbage disposal keeps clogging even after small amounts of food are put down it, that could indicate a bigger issue with the unit.

Try cutting up big chunks of food and running water down it to unclog the garbage disposal. If you are still struggling with frequent clogging, there might be something wrong with the disposal that can only be fixed by professional plumbers.

There is a Leak

A leak is sometimes hard to detect because it can be internal. But if you see a visible leak around the garbage disposal unit, it’s probably a sign of a loose connection or a rusted part that requires repair.

Lingering Odors

Weird odors emanating from garbage disposal units are quite normal, and are often washed away after running some hot soapy water into the unit. However, lingering odors that seem permanently trapped in the drain lines and end up stinking up your kitchen and home are not normal. A trained professional plumber can help you identify any possible issues that are causing the smells.

Food is Taking Longer to Grind Up

If your garbage disposal unit is taking longer than usual to grind and dispose of the food, it might indicate an issue with the machinery. The blades of the garbage disposal unit become dull with time, and the machinery can get rusted due to all the food and water going down the drain. Getting regular maintenance can help you stay ahead of these issues.

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