5 Signs You Need to Replace the Plumbing in Your Commercial Space

The US plumbing industry is currently valued at $106bn. The billion-dollar industry serves both residential and commercial clients to keep their plumbing in check. It’s particularly crucial for the latter. Ensuring good plumbing prevents time-consuming disruptions and helps maintain smooth business operations.

It’s worth noting that commercial spaces like office buildings, hotels, and medical facilities are in constant use. It means the plumbing requires greater care and more frequent repairs and maintenance to avoid business interruptions. However, there are instances when the extent of damage makes it imperative to make some replacements.

Here are five common signs that you need to replace the plumbing in your commercial space:

Old Plumbing

Let’s start with the obvious. Old plumbing is likely to corrode and sustain extensive damage, requiring frequent repairs. If your plumbing is outdated, you should replace it rather than waste money on periodic repairs. It will save you both time and money in the long run.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are one of the common plumbing issues caused due to clogged lines and loose water connectors. Repairs usually solve the problem, but if the leaks occur frequently, there can be an underlying plumbing problem like broken seals and corroded pipelines. In such cases, a total replacement is a smart choice.

Running Toilets

The last thing you’d want in your commercial space is running toilets. No one likes the sight of dirty water clogged in the washrooms. A running toilet wastes water and increases your water bills too. If the issue occurs frequently and repairs don’t resolve the issue, replace the plumbing.

Discolored Water

Does your commercial space plumbing have discolored water? It’s a telltale sign that it requires the immediate attention of a professional plumber. The common reasons behind murky water are pipe corrosion, rust buildup, or mold growth inside the plumbing. All of these problems warrant a replacement of your commercial plumbing.

Noisy Pipes

Noisy pipes also mean that something is wrong with your plumbing system, and it needs replacing. Over time, hot water can damage old copper pipes, which causes noise. Replacing the plumbing system with PVC pipelines will solve the problem. Make sure not to set the water pressure too high– this will extend the lifespan of new plumbing.

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