4 Temporary Plumbing Hacks That’ll Cost You More In The Long Run!

4 Temporary Plumbing Hacks That’ll Cost You More In The Long Run!

It’s not uncommon for us to look for temporary hacks to fix any kind of damage, including plumbing emergencies. We imagine that these temporary solutions will prolong the life of the pipe and save us a few bucks. But let us be the one to tell you that this may be misguided!

What you think may save you from spending more is more likely to lead you to a bigger expense!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of some temporary hacks that’ll cost you more in the long run:

Pipe Clamp

It’s tempting to fix a small leak temporarily with a pipe clamp that’ll stop the water from dripping. As you notice that the rest of the pipe is in good condition and the clamp is stopping the leak just fine, you sometimes let the clamp remain a permanent solution.

Fair warning: the pipe clamp will eventually fail the test of time and fall apart!


Epoxy is adhesive putty that can be used to stop a leak. The putty hardens and serves as a good seal for the crack but it’s not going to last you forever. It’s recommended to get the pipe replaced because leaving a cracked pipe on the mercy of epoxy might just about wreak havoc later on!

Pipe Wraps, Repair Tape, and Repair Sleeves

Wraps, tapes, and sleeves are always temporary fixes, no matter how much the label of any of these items claims durability and strength! They should only be used as a quick-fix until the plumber arrives and offers a permanent solution to the problem.

Rubber Pipe Connectors

These are not only cheap but also simple to install. Like other mentioned items, rubber connectors also offer a temporary solution and start to crack over time, leading you back to the original problem.

Needless to say, any sloppy temporary plumbing repairs should be replaced and better sooner than later.

If you’re getting a bathroom or kitchen remodel done, then this would serve as a perfect opportunity to get the old plumbing assessed and replaced, if need be. And if you live in a property that was built before 1970, then perhaps you should consider getting the piping changed. The old galvanized steel lines are, no doubt, durable but they’re highly prone to corrosion.

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