4 Situations That Call for an Emergency Plumber

Home plumbing issues tend to develop over a period of time. Home owners often tend to ignore the signs of plumbing issues, which eventually results in a significant plumbing problem that requires the expertise of professional plumbers.


Maintaining your plumbing system on a regular basis can prevent major breakdowns from happening which not only cost more to repair, but are also invasive and time consuming to fix.

Here are some situations where emergency plumbing is necessary:

You hear gushing water

If you can hear gushing water in your home despite offal the faucets being shut, it’s a sign that there’s a major plumbing problem. The sound of gushing water is most likely coming from the foundation of your home.

Slab leaks are a major plumbing issue that can cause much damage. A broken pipe under the foundation of the home causes water to seep up. This water seepage can weaken the foundation of your home and pose a threat to your family.

Call up a plumber immediately to inspect and locate the affected pipes and fix the issue. Typically, a slab leak repair can take a couple of days, depending on the magnitude of the pipe leak.

Broken pipe

Broken pipes are often a result of excess pressure that can develop due to clogs in the pipe, cracks, and even poor materials used. Broken pipes increase the risk of flooding at and therefore, require the attention of a professional immediately or else it can waste a lot of water, damage your property, and belongings.

Clogged pipes

Over time, things that go down the drains and pipes tend to build up and create bottlenecks in the system, eventually clogging it up. Clogged pipes restrict the flow of water around your home which is a hassle. Ignoring clogged pipes can lead to pipes bursting. A plumber will be able to locate the clog and remove it.

Make sure you’re not using acidic drain cleaners to deal with clogs. They corrode the pipes and weaken them.

Overflowing toilet


Overflowing toilets are hands down, one of the messiest plumbing problems. When it does happen, you’re probably frantically trying to stop the water from flowing. Toilets tend to overflow due to blocked drains or other plumbing issues along the system. A plumber will do all the diagnostic tests required to locate the problem.

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