3 Warning Signs Of A Main Sewer Line Blockage

A toilet that refuses to function properly because of a sewer line blockage.

As one of the most important parts of household plumbing, a main sewer line blockage that goes undetected for a long time can cause immense damage. These issues will cost you a lot of money to fix or replace—which makes it vital to catch the damage as soon as possible and nip it in the bud.

If you feel like your main sewer line doesn’t seem quite right, here are three major signs of blockage you need to look out for.

Your Sinks and Bathtubs Are Draining Super Slow

One of the first problems to occur when your main sewer line isn’t working properly is that your sinks and bathrooms will start to drain super slow—or not drain at all! This issue could affect multiple fixtures across your entire house; for example, your washing machine, toilets, sinks, among other areas.

From taking a bath to washing your clothes, you could be spending double the time on your daily chores.

You Can Hear Gurgling Sounds As The Water Drains

Furthermore, gurgling sounds, in addition to slow functioning, could be another clear indication of a blockage. These sounds could also indicate that tree roots could be the real culprit—this is especially likely if your sewer line system is old.

This is true in most of the cases where sewer lines were installed ages ago and were never renewed, updated, or looked at after installation. After all, they won’t last forever.

Your Toilet Needs Frequent Plunging

If your main sewer line isn’t working properly, you may need to plunge more frequently. Toilet clogs indicate that the real issue could be further down your drainage system. This could also be true for your kitchen sink and other water supply areas around your house.

If any of these seem to be occurring around your house, call a professional plumber as early as possible to fix the issue instead of trying to DIY a solution—which might actually worsen the problem.

Where To Get Help

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