3 Plumbing Practices That Can Become Health Risks

Cleaning the bathroom sink while wearing yellow gloves

You can delay getting your drains fixed or fixing the leaking pipes to save a few hundred dollars. But ignoring these plumbing problems can cost you a lot more than money; they jeopardize your family’s health.

We ignorantly follow unhealthy plumbing practices at home without realizing that we’re adding to our own repair cost. But these habits affect your wallet as much as your medical bills. You can avoid all these costs by staying vigilant, noting early signs of plumbing damages, and calling us for a professional service ASAP.

Here are some problems to avoid.

Unreliable ‘Energy-Efficient’ Water Heaters

Some water heaters are gaining popularity in the market because of their heating systems. They can heat water at lower temperatures and use less energy than traditional heaters. However, they store cold water at a temperature range of 25–40 degrees, which makes it conducive to bacterial growth.

Bacteria, like legionella, can thrive in such conditions since the temperature doesn’t go high enough to kill them. Once this bacteria aerosolizes, it can become a life threat for all those breathing the air. There have been deaths due to these bacteria in Queensland and South Australia! It’s imperative that you only buy the most reliable water heater appliances.

Lead Poisoning

Low-grade plumbing pipes and brass fittings can lead to lead poisoning in the water supply. The same water may be transmitted to kitchen faucets, from where it goes into your drinking glasses or food. Lead contamination releases neurotoxins that are particularly detrimental to the health of children. You must install a lead filter on all taps, hoses, and water outlets, and always go for premium quality plumbing material for new installations.

lead-contaminated water flowing out of a pipe

Sewage Pollutants

Improper disposal of sewage in already clogged drain pipes leads to several illnesses. It’s your job as the homeowner to maintain the sewage disposal system. If you’re noticing a bad odor emanating from drains, difficulty flushing, slow drains, or backflow, report to us immediately.

It could be because of corroded pipes, collective sewage, or pipe buildup that your sewage is polluting indoor air space. A few bacterial diseases you can catch from sewage include salmonellosis, shigellosis, diarrhea, trachoma, and melioidosis. Beware of these diseases and take proper caution!

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