3 Nifty Ways of Detecting a Hidden Leak


Most plumbing leaks are easy to identify. You’ll either come across a gushing pipe or hear the sound of dripping water from underneath the kitchen sink. Some leaks, however, are far less obvious and can go unnoticed for days, weeks, or even months. Needless to say, leaks are costly—they waste clean water, rot the wood, cause mold to grow, and might even lead to foundational damages.

According to the Washington Post, worn-out flapper valves can result in anywhere from 1,000-4,000 gallons of water wasted per day and lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs.

In this blog, we’ll highlight 3 nifty ways you can detect a hidden leak!

Check the Water Meter

Checking the water meter is a great way of identifying water leaks especially when you can’t access your water bill. Most homes in the US have the water meter situated underground somewhere on the property. Note the current reading on the meter and stop all water usage for a few hours. If you see an increase in the reading, you might have a hidden leak.

Contact a reliable plumbing agency and have an expert inspect your plumbing system.

Monitor the Bill

Unless you’re using more water than necessary, your water costs should remain relatively stable. Grab a couple of bills from the previous months and compare them to identify rising costs. The water bill for an average household remains within a certain range. If that isn’t the case, suspect a water leak.

Part of the plumbing system is underground, which makes it impossible to identify leaks and requires the services of professional plumbers.

Inspect the Usage outside the House

Plumbing leaks can also occur outside your home. Look out for visual cues like puddles, swampy patches of grass, or rusty water. If you still aren’t sure, close the main shut-off valve to prevent water from entering the house. Take a note of the water meter reading and come back after an hour. An increase in the reading indicates that the leak is most probably outside your home.

Hidden leaks can also manifest themselves as soft, hot, or cold spots on walls and indicate a leaking pipe. Pro Serve Plumbing offers plumbing repair services in Fort Worth, Texas. They have over a decade worth of experience in the industry and possess the tools and machinery required to carry out quality repairs! Contact us today for more information.