3 Dangers of Having Slab Leak In Your Home

3 Dangers of Having Slab Leak In Your Home

The last thing on anyone’s mind is getting their home’s foundation and pipelines inspected—that is, until a major plumbing problem occurs!

Burst pipelines and slab leaks are the last things you’d expect on a nice, peaceful day. But these things can happen to the best of us and when they do, we don’t realize the extent of the damage they can do.

In fact, if you leave the problem unattended, it can become costly and dangerous over time. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers of slab leaks and why you should call a professional immediately:

Health Problems

You might be wondering, “What do slab leaks have to do with my health?”

When there is a leak, it can go undetected. The water pipelines can become clogged with mineral deposits and dirt. The clogs eventually lead to leaks, which leave the walls damp. This encourages mold and bacterial growth.

This can lead to a myriad of health problems. A report published by the National Capital Poison Center shows that exposure to mold and fungi in damp places can cause health problems such as difficulty breathing, wheezing, asthma attacks, lung infections, etc.

Structural Damage

When there’s a leak and it goes undetected, it can slowly damage the structure of your home. The pressure from the water will end up shaking the foundation of your home and lead to the structure collapsing.

Foundation repairs that occur as a result of slab leaks can cost up to $6,000. Regular inspections can identify whether there is a leak.

Damage to Your Plumbing

One problem is that if you have an old home, your plumbing system might have copper pipes. When there’s a leak, it can damage the pipes, which is dangerous as it can lead to pipe bursts.

The damage to your sewage and plumbing system can quickly become a costly affair. You may either need to replace certain pipes or get your entire plumbing repiped as a result.

A slab leak specialist can figure out the best possible way to prevent the problem from occurring.

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