3 Benefits of Switching to a Tankless Water Heater

Tired of paying hefty energy bills or ringing plumbers to fix tank leaks? Get ready to say goodbye to all such annoyances because we have a smart solution for them.

Smart living is all about upgrading your homes to increase efficiency and durability. An added benefit of such upgrades is a reduction in utility bills and hence a lower cost of living.

Getting a tankless water heater is one such upgrade. It’s a valuable investment in modern homes where running hot water is an essential need. Tankless water heaters make life easier with fewer maintenance runs and plumbing problems, and allow you to enjoy hot showers whenever you want one.

Conversion to tankless heaters should be a welcome change to your lifestyle because they have just that many benefits!

Energy Consumption

Do you know how much energy is consumed by a traditional water heater that keeps heating the tank continuously? Since water is being heated periodically, there’s immense stand-by heat and energy loss when heated water is not used and cools down.

A typical household needs 63.1 gallons of hot water every day on average. A water heater consumes 4000 Watts of energy for 3 hours per day on average. But energy consumption can be controlled by installing a tankless water heater instead! It uses about 24–34 percent less energy than traditional units because it heats water only when needed. And this also means hundreds of dollars saved every year on energy bills!

Longer Life

Normally, a water heating unit serves up to 10 (or maximum 15) years. This means that you’ll need to change your heating unit a couple of times during your lifetime. This can be a hefty investment since these are expensive appliances that cost a lot. When you purchase a new one, you want to make sure it has a longer life than the last one you had. Tankless water heaters are a perfect choice for that. They add approximately another 5 years to the average lifespan and make sure you get a running supply of hot water all year round.

Save Space

Tankless heating units have a more compact design, compared to traditional water heaters. The latter can hold up to 60 gallons of water and are much bigger than tankless units. The standard dimensions are 28x20x10. With this size, they can fit in anywhere and take up much less physical and visual space in your homes!

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