What To Do If Your Toilet Starts to Overflow


Overflowing bathrooms are a messy situation that can make your stomach turn. Unfortunately, it’s a very common plumbing issue. A sense of panic sets in when you notice the water level in the toilet rising slowly beyond its usual level. Before you know it, you’re dealing with a flooding situation at home.

What not to do when your bathroom begins to overflow


The most common mistake homeowners make when dealing with an overflowing bathroom is flushing it again in the hopes that the water will go down. This only adds to the water overflow.

Don’t try fixing the issue with chemicals like toilet drain cleaning liquids either. These products never really reach the clog that’s causing the backup and will only flood your bathroom, causing more damage.

Don’t try to remove any pipe in an attempt to inspect or reduce the pressure on the system. It could potentially lead to more flooding.

Steps to take when your toilet overflows

Turn off the water supply

Fix the immediate problem i.e. the flowing water. Turn off the water supply to the toilet so it doesn’t flood into your home., Most shut off valves for toilets are located behind it or on its side. Turn the valve clockwise to stop the water from filling the tank.

Wait for the water to go down

Once the flow of water has been curtailed, wait for the water to drain. This will take some time, but you have to be patient. If the water level doesn’t go down, it’s best to wait for a professional to deal with the issue or you could end up doing more damage.

Plunge the toilet

Plunging the toilet only works if a clog is the main cause of damage. Place the plunger in the toilet, once the water rises to the head of the plunger, pump the plunger 6 times. Pull away and the water should begin to go down. Try this a couple of times, if it doesn’t help, the clog isn’t in the toilet, but the problem is far greater.

Call an emergency plumbing service

A professional plumber is trained to deal with such situations. A quick inspection by our technicians will allow them to detect the cause of the overflow. They have all the tools necessary for the job, whether that’s a drain snake or any other technique required to get rid of the clog and repair the damage.

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