What Damages can a Water Leak Really Cost?

What Damages can a Water Leak Really Cost?

According to homeowner’s and renters’ insurance statistics, homeowners incur over $10,000 in water damage losses every year. Water damage occurs due to a variety of reasons. These include frozen pipes, leaking pipes, a leaky roof, insulation problems, and plumbing problems.

Most of these problems are due to structural defects. Research states that approximately 93% of water damage in homes can be easily prevented by taking appropriate measures. Even though the majority of water damage is covered by home insurance, the damages to your home can be greater than the financial loss. It may even expose your family to other risks.

What causes water leakage?

Due to the plumbing structure being concealed behind the foundations of your home, it can be difficult to spot the leakage in the first place. There are some signs that serve as indicators that there’s a water leak in your walls. To find out more about these signs you can read about it here.

Some of the major causes of water damage are:

  • Extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold) causing pipes to burst.
  • External punctures to the pipes
  • High water pressure due to mineral deposits in the pipes.
  • Extreme structural burden on pipes, seen in older buildings and property.
  • Corroding pipes that have not been replaced.

Gradual Damage

Other kinds of damage that can occur are gradual damages. Gradual damage is damage to property that happens over time. Water leakages occur behind walls, hidden in the structure for a long time before they start to surface.

Excessive leakage shows up in water pools outside your home, or in stains on carpets and walls. The number one reason for gradual damage is due to lack of repairs. When too much time has passed before you get any leak repairs done and plumbing services are rarely sought, the chances of this kind of damage are high.

There is also a possibility that this kind of loss will not be covered by insurance. You should check with your insurance provider to be certain of this.


Mold damage

Water damage, when left unnoticed, can cause mold infestation in the walls. Exposure to this for too long is extremely unhealthy for you and your family. On top of that, mold remediation may or may not be covered by your insurance. Consult your advisor to find out what your policy states.

How to avoid water Leak damage?

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