Tree Root Invasion in Your Commercial Plumbing Pipes

Even when your commercial plumbing pipes seem to be running fine, and you don’t see anything wrong with them, deep down they could be in the grips of growing trouble.

Tree root invasion is a common problem in commercial plumbing pipes. And while it may sound unlikely that tree roots can have the strength to penetrate through modern pipe materials, the truth is they can do that—and quite easily.

Tree Root Invasion in Commercial Plumbing Pipes

Trees are ultimate survivors. They always work out a way to survive in even the harshest conditions.

They need sunlight, oxygen, nutrients and water for their growth, and to get these things, they can do anything, even if it means invading the plumbing pipes.

And what could be a better source of water for trees than plumbing pipes? And that too, “commercial” plumbing pipes, which have gallons of water running through them?

But trees just don’t go randomly barging into plumbing pipes; they pick their battles carefully. They need to sense that there really is water in the plumbing pipes.

Now, of course, we know that plumbing pipes carry water, but trees don’t. So the pipes need to have a leak, for trees to become alert to the presence of water. And once trees become fully aware of this fact, they go all out after the pipes.

Initially, small tree roots invade your cracked commercial plumbing pipes. Over time, these small roots grow in size and consume the entire diameter of your pipes. As a result, your pipes become clogged, and you start experiencing problems like low water pressure, toilets backing up into your facility and increased water bills.

How can you tell if your commercial plumbing pipes have been attacked by tree roots?

The only way to know for sure is to have your plumbing pipes inspected by a professional plumber.

Professional plumbers carry sewer inspection cameras, which allow them to inspect your plumbing pipes thoroughly and look for any signs of tree root invasion.

Do you suspect your commercial plumbing pipes have been taken over by trees in your area?

Call us today; our Fort Worth commercial plumbers will be happy to inspect your pipes for tree root growth and help you get rid of it.