The Top Questions Homeowners Should Ask a Plumber

The Top Questions Homeowners Should Ask a Plumber

When plumbing emergencies arise, you can have quite a problem on your hands. Such emergencies—when ignored or put off for too long—can escalate and turn into much bigger problems.

When that does happen, you should know who to call—and it’s not the Ghostbusters! Calling a trusted plumbing company which is reliable enough to respond on time is the smartest thing you can do.

Fixing plumbing problems at home seems like something we can take care of on our own, but more often than not, doing so leads to an even bigger catastrophe. Why wait till you make matters worse before calling a reliable plumbing company to clean up your mess?

Take action immediately and try to learn from the experts. Here are some things you can ask your plumber when they next visit.

Are they equipped with a plumbing license?

It’s extremely important to make sure you ask and confirm if your plumber is licensed. As a homeowner, you might assume your plumber is licensed, but it’s always safer to be sure. A licensed plumber is registered with a governing body in Texas or at the local level. This tells you that they have the training and expertise required to handle any problem.

How quick is their emergency response time?

Plumbing issues can happen at any time. Therefore, the most ideal plumbing service is one that offers 24/7 services.  Ask your plumber if they’ll be available if there’s an emergency and you need an immediate response.

Do they provide clean up services?

It might seem like it’s a given, but some plumbing companies don’t offer cleanup services. Asking beforehand will keep you mentally prepared for any messes after a repair job or a fixture installation that you might have to deal with.

Politely ask if cleanup is included in the price for the services quoted to you before booking, so you can get an idea if you need to pay extra or not. Sometimes, it might be worth it to pay extra, but you should cover your bases beforehand.

Does your plumbing company provide warranty or insurance?

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Ask the plumber if the company they work for is insured and if insurance covers you as the client, as well any emergency that may arise on the job.

Request to see if the plumbing services offer any warranty, and ask for it in writing. This will give you the assurance that if something goes wrong, they’ll come back and fix it.


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