The Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Plumber

The Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Plumber

There was a guy named John. He lived in a beautiful home with a panoramic view of the ocean. One day, he woke up and went to the bathroom, but the pipes were clogged.

“It’s a just a simple plumbing issue,” he said, before calling the first (unlicensed) plumber he could find. Now John thought nothing could go wrong; it’s a simple job that anyone could do in less than an hour, right?

That’s where John was wrong. I mean, John wasn’t entirely wrong; the unlicensed plumber did get the job done in 15 minutes. But the aftermath was something he didn’t see coming.

A few weeks later, his drywall was no longer dry, and there were clear signs of mold growth, but how did this happen?

Well, it was the hasty decision to hire someone who isn’t qualified for the job.

Don’t want to be like John?

In this blog, we’ll dive into the three main risks of hiring an unlicensed plumber to help you understand the importance of hiring a professional:

You will lose insurance protection

If you hire an unlicensed plumber to carry out repairs and things go south—which is most likely—your insurance policy is voided.

For instance, if the amateur plumbers clogs your drain and floods your house, you will be held responsible for paying for costly repairs and cleanups.

You’ll lose your right to claim liability insurance and will have to pay for any damages or injuries caused by the negligence of the unlicensed “professional.”

Furthermore, when applying for a homeowner’s insurance policy, the insurance rates will most likely be much higher.

You will end up paying more in repair and replacement costs

You might think that hiring an unlicensed plumber will save money, but in most cases, you’ll wind up incurring higher costs.

Home plumbing may look straightforward, but it isn’t. During repair work, a lot of things can go wrong, if not handled properly.

For example, a trivial mistake in fitting a pipe can lead to water leakage, which can damage the drywall, and result in mold growth.

Moreover, they might not be able to make extensive repairs, which means you’ll have to make unnecessary costly replacements.

You’ll be putting your life in danger

You’re probably wondering how an unlicensed plumber can endanger your life, but it’s true. Sometimes, the most significant risks to your health are the ones you can’t see.

An unlicensed, incompetent plumber can accidentally make blunders that could compromise the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

From gas leaks to mold growth, several problems can arise due to poor plumbing service, which poses serious health concerns.

In the worst case, these errors could lead to chemical poisoning and fire. Granted, the odds of these incidents are pretty slim, but you’d never want to take any chances.


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