The Reason Your Kitchen Drains Smell So Bad

It’s no secret that kitchens are quick to get messy and need constant clean-ups. Strange smells now and then are a common occurrence. However, questions start to pop up in your head when the kitchen is spotless, yet the smell lingers.

If you find yourself constantly spraying your kitchen to mask unexplained smells, it would be helpful to stop and assess the odor’s source. If your nose picks up the scent from near your kitchen sink, chances are you are dealing with drain problems! Here are some of the most common reasons for your drain smelling bad.


Dirty Garbage Disposal

Sometimes the smell of garbage might just be that, garbage! When your garbage disposal doesn’t work properly, food and waste pieces can get stuck in the disposal’s impellers and begin to rot. Eventually, the smell will fill up your kitchen and be a hindrance.

This problem could be easily remedied by fixing your garbage disposal, disposing of larger pieces of food particles in the bin rather than down the drain, or simply washing down the food with some water.

Vacant Drain

Your drain pipes have a curved portion called a ‘trap’; this trap ensures that there is always a small amount of water present in the pipe’s curvature to block sewer gases from traveling up your pipe and into your kitchen. However, this mechanism fails to work in an unused drain.

An unused drain’s ‘trap’ may not work due to water from your drainpipe curve evaporating. Whether you’re moving into a home or returning after a vacation, the prolonged period that your sink was not used may explain why there is a weird sewage smell present in your kitchen. Running warm water down your drain could fill the curve up with water again and solve the problem!

Dirty Drain

Take a large whiff of the smell wafting in your kitchen. Does it smell like rotten eggs? If so, you more than likely are dealing with a drain that needs some serious cleaning.

Hydrogen sulfide is the gas found in sewage, and also the culprit behind the rotten egg-like smell. In kitchen sinks, the reason for the odor is a clog in the pipes. Food and grease can easily form clogs in the drainage pipe and cause bacteria to grow, emitting a sewage smell that travels up your sink and into your kitchen. The only remedy for this problem is to get your drain professionally cleaned.

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