The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020—And How It’s Causing Plumbing Problems

The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020—And How It’s Causing Plumbing Problems

Toilet paper shortages in the US are creating problems for not just citizens but also for local plumbers. Panic buying during the COVID-19 pandemic led to a huge shortage of—among other things—toilet paper. Unfortunately, those who couldn’t manage to get their hands on some at the time have resorted to alternatives.

Kitchen rolls, wet wipes, napkins, and tissue paper are all being used—and flushed down the toilet. Most people are unaware that these items aren’t designed to break down in water and, thus, lead to clogged toilets and bursting pipes.

With so much misinformation and confusion about what can and cannot be flushed, we decided to help clear the air so you can avoid any unfortunate plumbing problems.

To flush—or not to flush? That is the question.

First things first: anything other than toilet paper should not be flushed down the toilet in any case.

Often, you’ll come across wet wipes that state they’re flushable on the packaging—don’t believe it. Wet wipes, tissues, and napkins aren’t made to break down in water. What’s worse, these products are designed to soak up fats, grease, and oils. This is a deadly combination that is sure to clog up your pipes.

The number of pipe blockages in the US has skyrocketed over the last few weeks. Even outside the US, people are facing similar problems. In Sydney, a 22 percent increase in blockages has been recorded over the last month!

Hefty plumbing bills

Blocked drainage pipes are a huge nuisance for the whole community. Recently, obstructions in the wastewater treatment plant at Charleston, SC, forced city officials to hire divers. The divers unearthed nearly a dive cage full of wet wipes before they could reach the obstruction.

This problem doesn’t just affect communities but homeowners too. The problems escalate in shared buildings such as apartment complexes where water lines are connected. Unclogging these pipes isn’t an easy feat, and will most probably lead to huge plumbing bills, especially in cases where the pipes have broken. To ensure the issue is properly fixed, always opt for expert plumbers.

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