The Dangers of Corroded Pipes

Staying on top of all plumbing and maintenance work in your home is quite difficult. You’re bound to miss something. The pipes installed in a home are often forgotten about for the longest time, until issues begin surfacing.

Pipe corrosion is a major concern since it impacts the quality of water running through it. Therefore, you need to ensure these pipes are in good condition.

There are a host of problems that come with corroded pipes. Our experts have come up with a list of issues that arise due to pipe corrosion:

Health implications of corroded pipes

Corroded pipes affect the quality of drinking water in a home. Not only does the water begin to have a strong metallic taste that’s difficult to digest.

Copper pipes are known to contaminate the water once they begin corroding. The consumption of such water results in vomiting, headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. If your family members have been getting ill, your pipes might be to blame.

Older homes in the United States still have lead pipes; the water that passes through such pipes gets contaminated, causing brain, kidney, liver, and bone damage.

Corroded pipes are more likely to crack or burst

When the pipes in a home corrode, their strength and durability is greatly affected. These pipes can no longer take on the pressure of water and are more likely to crack or even burst.

Cracked water pipes lead to leaks that can cause more damage in the home, especially if it goes unnoticed. The moisture left behind can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which leads to health implications.

Pipes bursting, on the other hand, leads to structural damage as well as damage to belongings. Flooding and water damage inside the home can take weeks to deal with.

Corroded water negatively impacts the efficiency of water heaters

Water heaters are an important appliance in the home, especially during the winters. Contaminated water directly impacts the efficiency of the water heater. Your water heater will end up using more energy to heat up the water, resulting in increased energy bills.

Corrosion leads to stained fixtures

Contaminated water also affects other parts of your home, the bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures being some of the victims. Your premium-quality fixtures and fittings in the bathroom and kitchen will soon get stained and lose their shine as a result of contaminated water from these corroded pipes.

Rust particles in the water

Corroded pipes are rusty and often release rust particles into the water it carries. These particles can lead to blockages in the pipes, leading to bigger plumbing issues. Blocked pipes are more likely to burst and cause widespread damage.

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