Staying Safe & Sound: Identifying If Your Home Has a Gas Leak


Natural gas is a household necessity these days. Over time, the demand for this fuel has increased drastically. Almost 27 trillion cubic feet of natural gas were used by the US alone in 2017. However, increased demand also increases the risks involved in its usage.

Numerous accidents take place due to gas leakage every year. According to a report by the National Fire Protection Association, 784 people lost their lives due to gas exposure in the US in 2009.

There are several reasons for gas leaks, and early detection can save millions of precious lives. Here are a few signs to help you identify a gas leak at your home.


A musty gas odor is a telltale sign of a gas leakage. Natural gas is actually odorless, but a musty sulfuric smell is intentionally added to it. This smell helps people identify the presence of gas, making it easier to detect it. If your home starts smelling of rotten eggs, it’s a clear sign of a gas leakage.

If a small leak isn’t addressed, it can cause major issues. Repair the damage by contacting a plumber in your area.

Flame Color:

Another common sign is the color of the flame from your stove. Normally, the flame of natural gas appears blue due to the complete combustion of methane. If the gas is unable to combust properly, it burns with an orange/yellow flame. This indicates a leakage. Reach out to an expert to repair your gas line.


Physical Symptoms:

A gas leakage can make you ill due to a lack of oxygen and excessive carbon monoxide. You may experience symptoms like light headedness, dizziness and nausea. It can also affect plants, making them look dull and wilted.

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Hissing Sound:

If your stove is turned off and you still hear a hissing sound, it’s time to inspect your gas lines. Gas leakages often occur due to a punctured pipeline. As the gas escapes the hole with pressure it creates a whistling sound. Check for unusual sound near your gas pipeline. If you suspect a puncture, place it in a water glass. A gas leak will be confirmed if bubbles form in the glass.

If you experience something similar, turn off the main valve and call in a plumber for a thorough inspection.

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