Reasons Why Your Sewer Keeps Getting Clogged

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The plumbing problems caused by a clogged sewer are incredibly frustrating as the clogging creates a lot of mess. It stops you from taking care of other important things and it costs you added bills.

Slow-flowing or negligible flow of water is an indication that your main sewer line may have been blocked. You can hardly fix the problem yourself since it is a skill-oriented task that only professional plumbers can solve. Prevention is better than cure and it certainly holds true for sewer lines as well.

Here are 3 reasons why your sewer keeps getting clogged:

Damaged Pipes

It usually happens when the pipes are old and need urgent replacement. Sometimes it’s due to using low quality pipes, which result in rupturing and eventually clogging of the sewer lines. This often happens with pipes that are over a decade old and have not been services or replaced. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rusted and corroded pipes can cause intestinal diseases.

Growth of Plant Roots

If the pipes have a slight element of clay in them, it can give way to plant growth, which is not easy to detect. Once the plant takes root, it can grow very fast and damage the entire pipeline, which can cause a massive clogging, which would need an army of plumbers to fix. According to North Western Energy, overgrown roots will not only damage your pipelines but you will also have to cut down the tree to prevent the problem from recurring.

Flushing Debris Down The Toilet

It happens when the bathroom or kitchen drains are treated as a trashcan, and something other than human waste and toilet paper goes down. This is even more likely to happen if you have young children who can often flush down things when they are not being monitored.

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