Plumbing Issues that Cost You A lot of Money

Plumbing Issues that Cost You A lot of Money

Just like us, our homes age. According to a report by Forbes, some of the most costly problems that old homes experience are related to plumbing. These issues manifest in the form of leaking roofs, toilets that won’t flush, seepages, high utility bills, and poor drainage. The older the house, the more prevalent these issues.

Plumbing issues not only cost a lot because they require repairs, but also because they pose a threat to your belongings.

Here are some issues you need to be on the lookout for:

Clogged drains

Clogged drains are nasty to deal with if you don’t get them fixed immediately. This is because they markedly affect your everyday activities. You’ll neither be able to take a shower nor wash your clothes.

If the drain is clogged due to a minor obstruction, you might be able to fix it with the help of regular plumbing tools. However, sometimes, the issue lies deeper down the drain.

If the blockage involves more than just dirt, dust, or soap, you’ll have to get professional plumbing service.

Your drain can also get clogged if you habitually flush pads and diaper wipes down the toilet. In this case, your plumber will have to be called, and the service will not come cheap.

Running toilet

Hearing the toilet constantly flushing water can really hamper your peace of mind. More than the annoyance, though, it wastes huge amounts of water.

Common reasons for running toilets are flapper chains that don’t fully close, overflowing valves, and broken flapper seals. If there’s something wrong with the flush handle, you can get it replaced to avoid heavy repair costs. But this isn’t always possible.

At times, your toilet could also be running if it’s old and has corroded. Rust makes your toilet handle stiffer than it’s supposed to be. When you push it down, it gets stuck and doesn’t spring back up. The toilet then keeps on running for as long as the handle is pushed down.

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