Key Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Key Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Most homes in Fort Worth have one of two ways of getting rid of wastewater. There’s either a septic tank system, or the house is connected to the town water and sewage system.

In any case, it requires a complex system of underground pipes that lead to the main sewage system. Sometimes, these pipes can get cracked or damaged due to age or blockage. Certain environmental factors, such as tree roots, can also cause stress damage to the pipes.


Innovative Trenchless Technology:

In the past, a problem caused by broken sewage pipes was fixed by digging up the area and replacing each damaged section. This would take entire teams of technicians working long hours to fix the problem. It would also require heavy and expensive equipment and cause damage to the landscape.

With the innovative trenchless technology, the technician begins by inserting a scoping camera inside the sewage line. This allows them to know where the damage or blockage is. Once the extent of damage is determined, a couple of small holes are dug in the ground at the exact location of the damage. A hydro-jet is sometimes used to clear the broken pieces and debris before placing the new pipe.


Benefits of Trenchless Technology:

The costly and labor-intensive process of replacing sewer lines is a thing of past with the latest technology. Here are a few benefits of trenchless repair.

Saves Time – Traditional digging methods used to take a lot of time, in some cases even days. With trenchless repair, the process is done in a lot less time, which means you don’t have to worry about relocating until your water supply comes back on!

Saves Money – As there’s no extensive digging and structural modification involved, the process doesn’t require too many technicians. It also doesn’t require a lot of manual labor and heavy equipment. This means that you save a lot of money for fewer work hours.

Environment-Friendly – As trenchless technology requires very little digging it minimizes ecological damage to the surrounding areas. The equipment and techniques used avoid any negative effects for the landscapes and plants around the area of concern.


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