How to Prevent Clog Drains like the Pros

No one likes to bend over with plunger and spend a couple of back-breaking minutes trying to clear up a clog. It’s inconvenient, frustrating, and downright harmful for your plumbing system. Clog-free pipes ensure that your plumbing appliances operate as usual and also increase their longevity.

So how do you prevent clog drains without spending a single dime? By implementing the steps we’ve listed in this blog!

Step #1: Use a Drain Screen

A drain screen or grate is positioned over a drain and blocks solid objects from passing into the drain. These things are really cheap and easily available at the nearest hardware store. It prevents stuff like dirt, food, and hair from entering the drain; however, it doesn’t help against harmful liquids like grease and oil.

Just remember to remove the grate every once in a while and clean it of any debris. Not doing so will turn the screen into a hygiene hazard!

Step #2: Keep Food out of the Kitchen Sink!

Keep food and any of its bi-products far away from the kitchen sink. This might seem obvious, but oils, fats, meat, grains, eggshells, bones, and other sorts of substances reduce the operational life on your plumbing pipes. Although the garbage disposal does break down large particles, don’t overly rely on in. Our advice is to use it only once during the day.

Step #3: Stay Away from Chemical Cleaners

The majority of chemical cleaners contain acidic properties. While these are effective at removing stubborn clogs, they also corrode your pipes from the inside. Corroded pipes sustain damage more easily and are often the first ones to leak.

Clogs might not be permanent, but pipe corrosion definitely is. There’s no real way to repair corroded pipes other than replacing them which costs a lot more than not using chemical cleaners in the first place.

Step #4: Use Cold Water in the Kitchen

Remember to keep the kitchen tap running when using the disposal. It helps push down the waste and prevents a buildup. Hot water isn’t as effective as cold water in moving materials down the pipe and can cause food particles and oily substances to congeal and form a clog. After you’re done, let the water run for about 20 seconds.

With these tips you should be able to prevent clogs like the pros! However, if you’ve started too late or are already facing symptoms of clogged drains, contact licensed plumbers now. Pro Serve Plumbing offers a range of plumbing services in Cresson, Texas including drain cleaning and repair. They have the right tools and experience to get rid of even the most stubborn of clogs!

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