How to Detect and Prevent Tree Roots in your Sewer Line

Your sewer line can easily get damaged due to intrusive tree roots. Sewer lines provide the necessary nutrients such as oxygen and water for the tree roots to grow abruptly. Thus, they must be detected and removed on priority to prevent damage in the future.

However, detecting tree roots in your sewer lines is something that must be left to the professionals. Call your local plumbers services to do this job for you. If the pipe is old, then opt for a complete sewer line replacement. According to studies, the pipe relining market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from the period of 2018 till 2025.

Given down below are some ways you can detect and prevent tree roots growth in sewer lines. One easy way of knowing you have tree roots intrusion in your sewer lines is the blockage of the waste in the pipe. Do the following if something like this happens:

ü Mechanical Removal of the Roots:

Get professional plumbers to carefully chop all the tree roots through a mechanical device sent down the drain. A specialized camera sends down the drain can also serve the purpose. However, this fix is just temporary. A more permanent solution would still be required after this.

ü Chemical Removal of the Roots:

Chemical removal of the roots is a bit more long-lasting than the mechanical one. But don’t try to get it done by yourself after watching some DIY videos online. Pouring chemicals down the sewer line can be very dangerous. Always rely on professional plumbing services for getting this job done.

ü Get a Sewer Line Barrier

Sewer line barriers made from metal or thick wood when placed near the sewer line prevents tree roots growth and intrusion. Just place them down yourself or get a professional plumber to do this for you. These barriers, alone with chemicals such as potassium hydroxide or copper sulfate, can help prevent tree roots’ growth.

ü Don’t Plant Trees near Sewer Line.

Planting trees or plants near sewer lines is not a good idea. Make sure there is no soil there near the sewer line as well.

ü Keep a Regular Check

Regularly checking the pipes for tree root damage can prevent them from forming in the longer run. Flush down some rock salts once you’re done using the toilet.  Leakage in any pipe means tree roots are growing there. If your pipe is old, then a total sewer line pipe replacement could be ideal for you.

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