How Flushable Wipes Can Damage Your Plumbing

Over the last few years, flushable wipes have become very popular with many people opting to use them in addition to toilet paper. But while you are supposed to be able to flush them down the toilet without experiencing any problems, flushable wipes are forcing many people to call the plumber. Before you start using flushable wipes yourself, you should speak with a plumber in Fort Worth about how they might affect your plumbing system. Here is how they may end up doing damage to your plumbing.

They may not disintegrate in water like they are designed to do.

Flushable wipes are designed to disintegrate in water just like toilet paper does. The problem is that many of these wipes don’t do this quickly enough and, when they fail to break down, they can get stuck in your pipes. As you might imagine, this can become incredibly problematic when several wipes fail to disintegrate and end up clogging up your system.

They may clump up in your plumbing pipes and cause clogs.

Even if your flushable wipes do disintegrate like they are supposed to, you can still run into issues if you attempt to flush too many of them down your toilets at one time. For example, let’s say that you use more than one wipe at a time or, worse, several people use the bathroom in a row and all use the wipes. This can overload your system and, before long, you will likely have a cluster of the wipes stuck somewhere in your plumbing system.

They may force you to seek toilet repair.

Before flushable wipes even reach your plumbing system, they may cause problems for you. If you attempt to flush two or three of them at one time, they could cause your toilet to backup and force you to seek toilet repair from a plumber. You may even need to contact an emergency plumber if the problem is bad enough. Steer clear of using flushable wipes to avoid any extensive plumbing problems within your home or in the sewers nearby.