Five Reasons Your House’s Plumbing Doesn’t Last As Long As You Want It To

While some of us disregard regular plumbing maintenance and only avail it when a problem arises, others keep a regular check on their home’s plumbing. They remain in contact with plumbing and repair experts, ensuring the plumbing network remains healthy and functional.

If you’re part of the latter group but still feel like plumbing issues occur far too often, go through this list to see what you might be doing wrong.

Using Drain Cleaners

While chemical cleaners are useful for unclogging drains, they also gradually erode drainpipes. This results in weakened pipes that begin to leak, potentially even rupturing if the water pressure gets too high.

Using a drain snake or calling in a repair leak expert is a much better option than overusing drain chemicals.

1. Pressure and Temperature Release Valves

Water heaters are equipped with valves that can be used to relieve rising pressure and temperature levels within the heater. These are essential, since they can prevent a potential explosion. Make sure these valves are installed securely, and that the drainpipe attached to the valve provides a smooth passage for the released gas.

2. Inadequate Spacing around Equipment

Be vigilant when you’re installing any new plumbing equipment. Whether it’s a drainpipe or a toilet seat, ensure there’s enough space around the equipment for it to be accessed by plumbers. Otherwise, equipment flaws might go unnoticed by repair workers, creating problems later on.

3. Mismatched Pipes

When DIY-ing plumbing work, a lot of people pick any pipe that fits. However, the material of the pipes must be kept in mind. While a copper pipe will fit with another copper pipe, it will react if directly attached to galvanized metal; doing this will result in an acidic reaction that will damage the connection, leading to a leak. So be sure the pipe materials are compatible before making any changes.

Connecting different pipe sizes is also a common mistake. Make sure the pipe connection is secure and tight—not just that they fit with each other. If they’re different sizes, use a fitting that will connect the two pipes securely.

4. Under-Skilled Repair Technicians

As tempting as it is to call an underqualified repair person for repairs, the money you will save initially will be spent when you need to call them over and over for repairs.

Not every plumbing professional is skilled or licensed, and calling them over for repairs might not be the right call. Without full knowledge and the correct equipment, an inexperienced plumber can do a ton of damage.


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