Dealing with a Faulty Gas Line in Fort Worth, Texas? Here’s All You Need to Know

A safe and functional kitchen after gas line repairs

Faulty gas lines are best left to the professionals because of the danger they pose—to you and your family. They can cause serious health issues, safety problems, and can even kill someone.

Luckily, it’s not hard to tell when a gas line needs repairs; there are obvious signs to look out for, for example, a gassy smell, a sudden increase in your monthly bill, or unusual or hissing sounds coming from your appliances or gas line.

If you detect two or more of these signs at your home in Fort Worth, TX, call the professionals.

However, until the professionals arrive, here are some steps you can take to ensure yours and your family’s safety.

Turn The Gas Off and Remove The Covers

The first thing to do when you detect a leaky or faulty gas line is to turn off the gas because working with it turned on could put your home and everyone in it at risk. Turning off the gas will stop the supply from the main line, ensuring safety.

Go Ahead and Remove The Covers

Most gas lines have an outer covering made of plastic. To expose the gas pipes, you need to first remove this plastic covering. It’s best to handle these tasks with proper equipment like gloves and a mask to avoid getting into contact with or inhaling the gas as it could pose certain health risks—especially if you already have preexisting health conditions, like a weak respiratory system.

Try and Detach The Gas Line

Most of the time, it’s the high gas pressure inside the pipes that causes leaks and other issues. This is why the best way to proceed is to detach the low-pressure line from the regulator—making it safe for you or the plumbers to repair the problem at hand.

Next, use acetone to clean any impurities from the high-pressure line. At this point, the gas line will pose no damage to your home or family because the supply has been blocked, the existing pressure has been removed, and the impurities have been cleaned.

From here on, it’s best to let a professional handle the task to ensure long-term, high-quality repairs.

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