5 Things That Should Not Go Down Your Garbage Disposal Unit

potato peels

If you’re planning to invest in a garbage disposal unit, that’s a fantastic upgrade for your kitchen. It can mash up all the food that remains into a disposable form with the flick of a switch. It also saves a lot of time when you’re cleaning the kitchen.

While garbage disposal units can be your best pals in the kitchen, they need as much care from you. They can churn out disposable waste in seconds, but you need to be careful with what you’re dumping in. Here are some food items that should NOT go in it.

fried chicken

You have to be careful while disposing of chicken bones because the blades will never catch the bones. Since the bones are never crushed, they’ll remain in the pipes to clog up the disposal system. It’s best if you figured out another way to get rid of the chicken bones because the repairs and replacements for your garbage disposal system will cost a pretty penny.

detox smoothie

Celery is your biggest risk when it comes to foods that can singlehandedly destroy your disposal system. The vegetable disintegrates into fibrous strings that wrap around the blades to disrupt their functions. That prevents them from shredding other foods into a mush. You need to dispose of celery separately along with other similar veggies like asparagus and corn husks.


Coffee grounds might slip easily down the drain but can’t be disposed of safely. They collect at the base and form a sediment in the drain. You don’t want waste to pile up in your waste disposal unit. That can affect its functionality, and opening it up to clear out the debris is a very time-consuming task.

egg shells

It’s a myth that egg shells sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal unit. The translucent membrane insides of the eggshells can come off and stick to the shredder. This invisible film can damage your garbage disposal unit by preventing the blades from cutting through the waste.


You shouldn’t dispose of a peach, avocado, or any other fruit with seeds in your garbage disposal unit. The seed is large and hard and can’t be shredded by the blades. Instead, it might damage the shredder, which you don’t want.

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