5 Signs You Need to Schedule Drain Cleaning For Your Home



The drainage system is an essential part of every home. Poor drainage can lead to serious problems for your plumbing system, as well as being a source of inconvenience to homeowners. To avoid a plumbing catastrophe, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial.

And while many believe that using harsh chemicals and a plunger are the ultimate solution to getting rid of a clogged drain, these are temporary solutions that may even exacerbate the problem. Here are a few signs that indicate that it’s high time for you to schedule drain cleaning.

Slow Drainage:

Slow drainage is an initial sign of a clogged drain. Grease or waste accumulation in the drain pipe is the main reason behind this problem. It restricts water flow, resulting in improper drainage. The clog keeps building up over time if not cleaned immediately.

Instead of using strong chemicals, contact a licensed plumber in Fort Worth TX to clean the pipelines.

Weird Sounds:

Do you experience gurgling sounds when you flush your toilet or turn on the faucet? Weird bubbling sounds are another common indicator that your drain needs a thorough cleaning. If the movement of the water is restricted, it forces itself down the drain, making these weird sounds.


When you see fruit flies in your house, consider scheduling a cleaning appointment at your earliest.

Sewage flies or fruit flies can emerge overnight if something is wrong with your drainage system. Accumulated sewage or clogged drain could be one of the main reasons. The situation won’t improve until the drainage system is cleaned professionally.

Moldy Floor:

The formation of molds is another indicator of poor drainage. If you’re suddenly experiencing mold and fungus around your drain, it shows that the water isn’t being properly drained. Mold grows in damp areas. It can ruin your floors and walls within no time. You should call a plumber to find the main reason behind the formation of mold.

A Foul Smell:

Whether it’s backed up water or a clogged drain, a bad smell is the first sign indicating drainage issues. Sewage buildup can produce a foul smell, affecting your entire home. Bad odor can cause health issues if not treated immediately.


Strong detergents and cleaning agents won’t be helpful in this situation. Contact your trusted plumber to identify the problem and solve it accordingly.

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