5 Maintenance Habits for Water Heater Upkeep

5 Maintenance Habits for Water Heater Upkeep

Water heaters can typically provide a continuous supply of water at the rate of 2–5 gallons per minute. Unfortunately, your water heater won’t remain in its best shape for long if it’s neglected.

Water heaters experience wear and tear over time and may stop working altogether if it’s not maintained properly. Whether you own a gas or electric water heater, proper maintenance is essential to get long-term benefits out of your appliance.

Show some love to your water heater by adopting these habits to maintain your water heater.

Regulate the temperature:

Try to keep the temperature at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid overheating. This will help you conserve energy and allow you to get a constant supply of hot water. It also decreases both, standby losses and consumption, thereby helping you save utility costs.

Clean the tank:

Mineral buildup and sediment can often block the pathway of the water. This can also prevent water from being heated properly. In this situation, you’ll start getting cold water from the hot water tap soon. Therefore, it’s good practice to flush the tank to get rid of any sediment or dirt particles.

Check the pressure relief valve:

A temperature and pressure valve is attached in every water heart to ensure safety. It helps to release the pressure if the tank over-pressurizes. Sometimes, the valve may get stuck and be unable to move at all. This can be dangerous as there will be no way out for the pressure building up in the tank. The water heater tank may explode as a result of excessive pressure.

Keep checking the valve and shut off the appliance in case you find a fault. Consult a professional for help immediately.

Insulate the tank:

Most water tanks are made of thermoplastics that dissipate the heat produced by your water heater. Such tanks require proper insulation using a fiberglass jacket to trap the heat for a longer period of time and keeping the water warm for hours. It also helps you avoid hand burns while handling the heater for maintenance.

Look out for leaks and cracks:

Leaks and cracks are common and will result in water wastage; therefore, it’s better to attend to them at your earliest. Most leaks occur due to faulty plumbing lines. A leak may cause a number of plumbing issues such as a pipe burst and incur a hefty water bill.

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