5 Benefits of Installing A Water Softener

5 Benefits of Installing A Water Softener

Hard water is a silent menace that can cause many problems around the house—including appliance breakdowns and plumbing issues. Hard water is termed such because it contains a high amount of minerals such as magnesium and calcium in it. These minerals combine with heat and form deposits in your pipes, sinks, bathrooms, and appliances.

A water softener works by removing these minerals from water by a process known as ion exchange. Soft water is a lifesaver for homes as it helps bring about many improvements.

Here’s a list of five great benefits you can get out of installing a water softener.

1. Protects your appliances

Using a water softener can limit the negative effects hard water has on your dishwasher and laundry machine. Continued use of hard water leads to the accumulation of limescale, which reduces the efficiency of your appliances.

Moreover, hard water composition also reduces the lifespan of other common kitchen appliances such as coffee machines and ice makers.

2. Keeps your clothes soft and bright

The minerals in hard water leave deposits on your clothes, which makes them coarse and causes colors to fade. In some cases, they even leave dingy white stains on clothes which make them look old and worn out.

Soft water also leaves your clothes cleaner because detergent absorbs better in it. As a result, it’s able to wash your clothing items more effectively.


3. Less time spent cleaning

Soft water penetrates and dissolves with soap, detergents, and shampoos much more easily. They lather up much quicker with soft water, making it easier to clean surfaces. This means you spend less time rewashing clothes or scrubbing off chalky lime deposits from your showers, faucets, and drainage pipes.

4. Saves money

Soft water works so well with soap and detergents that it ends up saving you money. The efficiency of these items goes up, and you need less product to clean your clothes, dishes, and other things around the house. Hard water requires twice the amount of soap to achieve the same amount of lather, as compared to soft water.

You can also save money on your bills by using cold water for laundry rather than hot water. Hot water is used to help dissolve cleaning detergents, and if you have a water softener installed, this becomes unnecessary.

5. Reduces the risk of plumbing problems

As hard water travels through the pipes, it leaves scale deposits on the walls that can accumulate over time. This lowers the amount of water that can move through pipes and decreases their efficiency. It can cause plumbing problems that are often irreversible and costly to repair.

The best way to combat the effects of hard water is by installing a water softener before it has a chance to build up.

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