4 Ways to Avoid a Bathroom Plumbing Crisis

Dozens of calls made to your local plumber every day.

$125 in plumbing bills so far.

…And you still have plumbing issues on your hand.

Feel like you have more of a stable relationship with your plumber than your partner?

Are clogged drains draining the happiness out of your life?

It’s best to channel your frustrations elsewhere, instead of dumping tear-soaked tissues into the toilet.

DON’T FREAK OUT just yet! Our plumbing services are not your only lifeline; your relationship will survive this storm if you act smart. Give this blog a read because it shares some commonly ignored tactics that can help save you from losing dollar bills and your dear Bill to a plumbing crisis.

The Toilet is Not For Dumping Trash

We’ve all had bad grades and bad breakups. But take our word for it: the toilet is not the best place to flush your C-graded test or ex’s love letters. There’s a separate place in hell for things and people who have driven you to that extent. But for now, you could resort to trashing them in the bin.

As cathartic as it looks to see that red-colored C on your test going down the drain, it can clog your drain and cost your parents more than just the usual embarrassment. And as for your toxic ex, why give them the satisfaction of blocking your drains after blocking you out of their life?

Their place is in the trash bin because that’s where they belong. Don’t let your plumbing lines and monthly bills suffer because of them.

Cover All Your Bases—Even Your Drains

Some things just don’t know there place, and that applies to fallen hair and soap scum as well. They’ll pretty much land on any exposed surface, including drains, and monopolize their place.

A crisis occurs when the problem grows out of proportion. A cluster of fallen hair can clog bathroom drains very easily. Soap scum can line inside drains and dry up to constrict the passageway.

Besides that, an open drain is an open invitation to toothpaste caps that often accidentally somersault into it. Hair pins, clips, scrunchies, and even small jewelry items can also follow their lead into the drain.

Mind you, not all lost items have the spirit of Nemo and it’s unlikely that they’ll find their way back to you.

Avoid Chemicals Wherever Possible

Don’t enact a dramatic stunt by emptying a bottle of harsh chemical cleaners in a clogged drain. Every time you’re provoked to try this DIY hack, remind yourself of the plumbing bills it incurred the last time. Large numbers on payment receipts have a positive impact on your rationality.

The idea is to clear the blockage by dissolving the clogged material in the acidic chemical. But it might act on the sewage pipes before acting on the problem.

This can lead to corrosion. Be prepared for a complete sewage line replacement if you’re ready to take that risk.

Replace Old Pipes With New

Everybody loves the look of a vintage Victorian house but not when the bathroom reeks of dead rats and back flowing sewage.

You can keep the grand oak dining table and central chandelier but get rid of the outdated plumbing pipes. You never know when they decide to give in to the pressure and burst to create a disastrous crisis.

Take the cue and act before an emergency strikes. Call us and we’ll suggest the best modern alternatives to the ancient copper pipes already half corroded by rust.

Save yourselves the extra stress and reach out to us before it’s too late. We offer expert residential plumbing services in Fort Worth, TX. Give us a ring and we’ll be there in no time.