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Defective toilets and lack of clean water supply have led to poor sanitation, which is one of the most critical contributors to the world’s increasing mortality and morbidity rate. The lack of treatment towards such issues can lead to public health issues, eventually resulting in social, environmental, and economic consequences.

Toilets are a few of the most used fixtures in every house. Their average lifespan is at least 15 years. However, increased toilet usage can cause rapid deterioration. While you can fix minor toilet issues associated with drainage problems, there will come a time your toilet will need urgent replacement.

You must keep an eye out for numerous warning signals so you can opt for the emergency plumbing services by your local plumber in case you need a new toilet.

Read on to learn some of the most common signs your toilet needs urgent replacement.

Bowl or Tank Cracks

When a toilet passes its average lifespan, its bowl begins to crack at the bottom, leading to flooring damage underneath it. While most cracks are clearly visible, putting colored dye into the ground near your toilet’s bowl can help identify any crack formation.

If you notice water pooling around your toilet’s foundation as you pour the colored dye underneath, you likely require emergency plumbing services to prevent further flooring damage.

Frequent Clogging

Clogged toilets are common. While you can treat minor blockages independently, recurring toilet clogs are a more significant issue. A low-flush toilet may also cause frequent stoppages. In other words, if you witness that the toilet clogs more than once a week, you should consider replacing your toilet.

Thanks to modern technologies, there are a wide variety of more efficient commodes with low-flush systems that go a long way.

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Constant Running Water

Running water after a flush is an alarming sign of a damaged toilet. It usually indicates the toilet’s internal system’s defects, including the chain, the flusher, and the stopper. Constantly running water can also increase your water bills. It’s critical to hire a plumber to diagnose this issue immediately.

Water Leakage

We usually don’t notice toilet leaks, hairline cracks, or broken flanges until the water reaches the ground. If you experience the consistent pooling of water on your bathroom floor, you must consider a toilet replacement. Standing water can rot and lead to mildew growth and structural damage.

Choosing toilet replacement services by your local plumber will prevent additional costs on wasted water and the hassle of dealing with the extensive damage that could happen to your home’s floors and walls.

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