4 Signs That a Plumber is Trustworthy

House maintenance is incomplete without proper inspection and repair of your plumbing lines. And for a job done well, you should hire the best in the business.

According to the IBIS World report of 2019, there are 120,721 plumbing businesses all across the US. Every company promises outstanding results and the best customer service. However, not everyone has the expertise to back that claim up. You might find frauds in the market that can ruin your plumbing lines and burn a hole through your pocket with all the plumbing expenses. This also risks your safety.

If you’re wondering how you can find the best technicians for a smooth and safe plumbing experience, here are some important characteristics that every trustworthy plumber possesses.

1. Available at All Times:

Plumbing emergencies can strike at any time. A plumbing service that’s available for its customers 24/7 is one you can rely on for plumbing emergencies. A professional plumber knows the importance of taking timely action against a plumbing disaster. They can differentiate between plumbing emergencies and possible issues that may occur a down the lane.

2. Licensed and Insured:

Not all plumbing repairs are as simple as repairing a small leak. Some procedures such as a gas line repair are extremely sensitive and may result in a tragedy if handled by an amateur. These procedures require the expertise of a licensed technician.

In addition, a reliable plumber will be insured and bonded. Commercial liability insurance will bear all the cost of damage if your contractor is at fault saving you from inconvenience and loss of money. Make sure you contact a licensed and insured plumber for your plumbing issues.

3. Professional and Well Trained:

A trustworthy plumber won’t hesitate from sharing his experience and knowledge in the field. He’ll take pride in his wide range of expertise and have proper plumbing education to ensure quality results.

4. Upfront and Straightforward Pricing:

A fraudulent plumbing service will never disclose proper pricing and always hesitate to provide a quote. Plumbing scams usually involve more than one contractor to whom the customer needs to pay for the service. They also have hidden or additional charges for extra equipment and new parts. However, an upright plumbing company will provide straightforward pricing. Their prices are usually fixed and discussed beforehand to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.


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