4 Places To Shut Off the Gas When There’s A Leak

stove top

Natural gas and propane are the primary fuels used in homes for cooking and heating purposes. It’s considered the safest for residential use and is better for the environment as well. Although the safest to use, gas leaks from natural gas can develop in your home. They pose a serious threat to you, your family members as well as your property. If you can smell gas indoors or outdoors, the first thing you need to do to protect yourself is to shut off the supply.

Here are some of the places to shut the gas off:

Stove, cooking range, and oven

stove top

The main gas line in the kitchen is one of the most likely places for a gas leak to develop. Make sure you don’t try putting the stove or oven on if you suspect a gas leak. Even though the chances of it igniting are low, it’s still dangerous.

The odor of natural gas can sometimes spread through the home due to the stovetop burners being left on. If that’s the case, don’t try lighting it. Air out your home for the odor to dissipate. In such a case, you don’t need to call the utility company or a gas line repair service; you just need to air your home.

The main gas connection to the cooking range is located behind it. Remove the cooking range carefully and shut off the valve.

Water heater

water heater knob

Water heaters are used all year round in some homes. If you suspect that the water heater is the source of the leak, you need to shut off the gas supply. It’s essential to shut off the gas supply to the water heater since they fire up automatically.

The gas valve on a water heater is located on the pipe that leads to the burner chamber. It’s a black pipe or gas tube and the shut off valve is marked clearly.

The furnace

The furnace supplies heat all around the house during the winter months. If you suspect a leak near the furnace, shut off the gas supply to the furnace. Locate the valve handle on the furnace that regulates the gas supply. Turn the handle so that it forms a 90° angle with the pipe.

If you’re unable to locate the valve easily, follow the gas pipe from the furnace. The valve may be a few feet away from the body of the furnace.

The gas meter

If you’re unable to locate the source of the leak, turning off the gas supply to all areas of your home is your safest bet. Never take chances when it comes to gas leaks. The gas meter is located in the utility area of the home, generally the garage or basement; it may be along the outside wall in some cases.

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