3 Signs Your Hot Water Mixing Valve Is Breaking

3 Signs Your Hot Water Mixing Valve Is Breaking

Did an unexpected cold shower water disappoint you after a long day of work? We all look forward to taking a warm bath to relax after a busy day; water supply disruptions ruin this deserved luxury.

Defects in the hot water mixing valve are highly common, especially during winters. They not only delay your showers, but also lead to the water system becoming less effective. It is important to note that both water valves must have a temperature difference of at least 20-degrees to work effectively.


Here are three signs that will help you detect a broken hot water valve.

Fluctuating Water Temperature

A primary indication of a broken valve is inconsistencies in the water temperature. This is often a problem in older homes. Fluctuating water temperatures are also a sign that your valve is worn down and needs to be replaced.

Leaking Showerhead

Another indication of a defective valve is water leakage. When the hot water valve is compromised, the showerhead begins to drip warm water while the taps are off.


You may also notice a leak when the valve ball is dislocated in the stem. A leaky faucet can significantly raise your higher water bill. The average working-class American family pays about $72.93 for water every month, which is already quite high; this means that it’s important to take care of these problems immediately.


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Extreme Temperatures

A broken valve leads to rapidly switching water temperatures. This usually occurs in two cases. If the water is cold, it’s highly likely that the valve circuit is damaged. However, if the water is boiling, you should check the temperature of the water from the tap.

If adjusting temperatures doesn’t make a difference, contact your plumber to investigate and provide a solution. You can avail our water heater services for this purpose.


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