3 Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Water Heater

3 Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Water Heater

Water heaters are one of the many household essentials. You need this appliance to supply hot water to the kitchen sinks, showerheads, washers, and toilets. Without a fully functional water heater, it can be hard to get through the day. Nobody likes to get sudden splashes of cold water during a hot shower or while washing dishes without hot water.

Since your water heater is running throughout the day, daily usage takes a toll on its performance and condition. All plumbing systems and appliances serve you for a set period, after which they need replacing. Here are some telltale signs that indicate your water heater has reached the end of its days.

Time Since Purchase

If your water heater is malfunctioning even after frequent repairs, it must be the end of its lifespan. Water heaters that are 10+ years old can’t perform any better after repairs; they need to be replaced. If you’ve forgotten the year you purchased it or misplaced the warranty card, check the manufacturer label.

The date code on the label indicates the date of manufacturing. The first letter indicates the month, so ‘A’ means January, ‘B’ is February, and so on. The next two digits indicate the year, e.g., 10 denotes 2010. So C20 means March 2020. You can figure out the year of purchase from the manufacturer’s label, and calculate if it has crossed the 10-year mark.

Inadequate Heating

If hot water runs out while you’re lathering shampoo on your hair or doing laundry, check your water heater. This is a sure sign of wear because water heaters deliver subpar performance when subjected to constant wear. If you haven’t been regular with the maintenance schedule, it shortens the lifespan further.

Over the years, sediment can build up on the base of the water tank and reduce it’s capacity. The heater stores less water and can’t supply as much hot water to different faucets in the house. The heating element may cause trouble as well if the temperature doesn’t reach the desired point.

Leakage And Rust

Leakage from water heaters directly affects hot water supply to the house. If you’re noticing signs of leaks around the water heater, call plumbing experts immediately. This usually happens when the inner tank sealing has worn out. This could be because the insides have started rusting. If the water looks brownish and smells rusty, your plumber will tell you to shop for a new water heater.

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