3 Signs of a Damaged Water Line and What to Do About It

A plumber repairs a pipe during emergency repair services in Arlington.

Your main water line is responsible for supplying water to every part of your home. From the yard to the bathroom to the kitchen sink, everything is connected to this primary source.

A leak in your home’s main line can result in a lot more problems than you realize, which is why you should watch out for signs and indicators of damage. From a small dent to a major leak and eventually a burst pipe, there’s a lot that could go wrong with the main line, so look out for the following:

1.     Water puddles on the street, in your home and yard

When water isn’t being directed to taps and drains where it should be, it will end up somewhere, right? And that often inevitably ends up being the street, your yard (wet spots and patches that are also soft and mushy), and of course, inside your home, such as the floors. Water that accumulates this way is dangerous and should be taken care of before there is serious damage to your property and area.

Some of the most common areas in your home for wet spots and puddles are under your sinks, near toilets and tubs, and anywhere else you have water sources. If you notice them forming around there, it’s worth looking for other signs and calling in an emergency plumber to have them check things out.

Inconsistent water pressure in your taps could be a sign that there is a leak, especially when paired with high water bills.

2.     Wet spots and rings on the ceilings and walls

Another common sign of a major leak or damage is that your walls and ceilings will also have wet spots and rings forming. If you notice corners of your home or random walls with stains and spots emerging, it’s time for some reinforcements because chances are that the water damage is serious and extensive, resulting in more issues. A professional plumber will have to evaluate the damage and extent of the leak to let you know more about repairs.

3.     Rising water bills, lowering pressure, stench, and sounds

This might be a lot to take in, but if your bill seems to be going up despite little change to the seasonal rates, or usage, and/or water pressure seems to be going down, you are most likely dealing with a leak or damaged pipes.  These pipes also often sound like bubbles or rivers, and if you hear water running while taps are off, there’s a cause for concern.

Another sign you definitely should not ignore at any cost is if there is a stench in the home. When sewage lines and water lines mix, or there is damage to either, contamination is inevitable, and this causes your house to stink up and puts you and your family at risk of illness.

If you notice any of the signs above, call us immediately. We offer 24-hour plumber services and emergency work in Mansfield, Bedford, and other areas.