Imagine taking your kids out for a weekend trip, and coming back to find out that the living room is flooded with sewage.

Imagine you’ve got guests coming over and the bathroom faucet stops working all of a sudden.

Or worse, that you can smell leaking gas! All of these scenarios are scary and dangerous!

The only person who can help you when you experience such emergencies is an emergency plumber. Here’s are some things they can take care of:

Water leaks

If not dealt with immediately, water leaks can result in full-fledged flooding—especially if you’re dealing with a burst pipe. This will lead to a sudden spike in water bills. Water leaks can also take a toll on your belongings—especially the upholstery and carpets.

Many leaks are particularly hard to detect, let alone fix. Only a professional service will have the right tools and equipment to fix and repair the leak immediately.

Drain clogs

Clogged drains are not just a menace, but are also very annoying to deal with. If the drain in the kitchen sink gets clogged, you can’t wash dishes. If the same happens in the bathroom, you can’t take a shower, wash your clothes, or even flush.

Drains get clogged when we flush things that aren’t supposed to go down them; toilet paper shouldn’t be flushed down the bathroom drain, for instance. Similarly, grease, leftover food, and oil have no business going down the kitchen drain.

Clogged drains are quite a hassle if you’re fixing them on your own. You need the right cleaning solutions to clean the debris, and the right tools to penetrate deeper into the pipes to locate the issue.

Only an emergency plumbing service can help you unclog the drain as soon as possible.

Water heater problems

It’s humanly impossible to get through winter without a fully-functioning water heater 24/7. Even if it goes down for a couple of hours, activities like showering and cleaning become quite uncomfortable. Hot water not only makes your showers comfortable and enjoyable, but also makes household chores easier.

An emergency plumber has a lot more under their job description than just fixing leaks. They can service, repair, and maintain your water heater to keep it running for a long time.

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