3 COVID-19 Safety Tips to Practice When Dealing with Plumbing Issues

3 COVID-19 Safety Tips to Practice When Dealing with Plumbing Issues

A lot of homeowners in the US are skeptical about letting plumbers inside their homes for repair work. But is it actually risky at this point? Not really.

According to the United States Department of Labor, in-home repair work falls in the lower (caution) risk category.

Here are a few tips to minimize your infection risk while getting plumbing repairs:

Safe payment options

Exchanging cash has become a risky affair. More and more businesses are going cashless ever since the pandemic surfaced. You can speak to your plumbing service and see if they accept online or credit card payments. If they don’t, make sure you pay the exact due amount to the plumber. Don’t ask for change. Minimize your contact.

Keep your distance

Mask up when the plumber arrives at your home. Stay at least six feet away from them while they’re doing their job. If you have any elderly or sick people in the house, relocate them to another room while the job is underway. Move them to another room for the time being. We also recommend politely requesting the plumber to wear a mask, protective wear, safety glasses, and gloves. Tell them it’s for their own safety.

Call the plumbing service and ask if any of their plumbers are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed in the past. This will help you mitigate the risk. A reliable plumbing service will always communicate promptly and will address all of your concerns to strengthen trust.


This goes for both the provider and the consumer.

On your part, make sure you disinfect every surface that the plumber touches after they leave. This is an extra safety precaution that will keep you and your family safe. Wipe everything clean both before and after the visit. Spray an excess of disinfectant on every surface and leave the room empty for a few hours. Open up all the doors and windows to ensure proper ventilation.

Similarly, consult a plumbing service that cleans and sanitizes its tools and equipment both before and after the job.

Pro Serve Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX is taking all the right measures to keep our clients and staff safe. We’re routinely disinfecting our workstations and equipment and are taking the social distancing guidelines very seriously. Please take a look at our plumbing services here.

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