Hot Water Heater System Installation & Repairs in Fort Worth

Our top-notch licensed plumbing professionals can assist you with all your hot water heater replacement and repair needs in the Fort Worth area. Pro Serve Plumbing is a local plumbers in Fort Worth TX area that ultimately care most about you, our customers.

We’re aware that most people give little to no thought to how hot water comes out of their pipes. It’s obvious that the hot water system in their homes has something to do with the process, but past that, it’s a mystery until something goes wrong.

At Pro Serve Plumbing, our licensed professionals can assist you with all your water heater and tankless water heater repair needs in Fort Worth, and are familiar with the wide range of hot water systems, including: gas, electric, solar, hybrid systems, hot water circulating systems, and instant hot water heater systems. With that expertise comes years of experience and customer service and care that is unparalleled to the other plumbers in Fort Worth TX area. If you choose to give us a call, you will see the difference in our service from the first call, to the consultation, to the expert work being done. We are able to help you in every step of the process whether it is your first time selecting a hot water heater or if you are a seasoned pro. We specialize in emergency services, call us for your water heater repair and replacement in Fort Worth.

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A number of considerations should go into your choice of hot water system, including:

  • Cost and how energy efficient it is
  • What kind of fuel the system uses
  • How available that fuel is
  • The size of the system

Each of the options available through Pro Serve Plumbing is high quality. It’s important to understand your personal options to determine which system is best suited to your needs. We will be more than happy to help you every step of the way. Hot water is important for a variety of reasons from cooking, to bathing, and even filing your hot tubs. It also takes up more than 15% of the energy in a home on average. For that reason, please let our expert plumbers in Fort Worth TX assist you along the way. We have an extensive and expansive knowledge of all things plumbing, for that reason, we need to be your first choice for any type of water heater repair in Fort Worth that you require.

Hot Water Heater Systems:

A natural gas water heater can lower your energy use by as much as 50% compared to using an electric hot water heater. Depending on fuel availability and costs, natural gas water heaters are a very economically satisfying option. A gas burner at the bottom of the hot water tank heats the water, and carbon dioxide and water is vented out of your house through your home’s chimney or a side vent. While this is often a more costly option to install, the efficient operating costs can pay for the difference in installation costs. Pro Serve is also the best resource you will find for water heater repair in Fort Worth, should something ever go wrong.

Electric hot water systems heats water by large coils hanging down into the water tank, similar to the coils that heat an electric oven, or the water in an electric kettle. This is a good option if your water demands are smaller, as electricity is more expensive than other fuel sources. But, electric hot water systems are less expensive to install and require no venting or chimney.
Solar hot water systems heat water by using energy collected from an absorber panel, which usually sits on your rooftop. Tubes running from this panel to your hot water tank will transfer heat directly. This option is environmentally friendly and cost efficient.
Hybrid hot water systems are cutting edge technology designed to save you on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. The term “hybrid” refers to a combination of tank and tankless water heating technology. These systems use circulating pipes in addition to traditional tank technology to meet your water heating needs.
These systems work to conserve water while bringing your hot water to you quickly and efficiently. It functions exactly like the name says, the hot water is circulated through pipes which keep the temperature of the water at an optimal heated temperature. These systems offer an ease of use and optimum water heating speed.
Instant hot water systems, also called “tankless” hot water heaters, provide hot water on demand, it also gives you an endless supply of hot water, unlike traditional tank water heaters that eventually run out of their supply. Tank Water Heaters heat cold water directly and saves you significant amounts of money on energy costs. Tankless water heaters operate without tanks, which also means no leaks. But should something ever go wrong, Pro Serve Plumbing is an excellent choice for tankless water heater repair in fort worth too!

We provide incredible services at Pro Serve Plumbing. Our trained and experience staff are professional, friendly, and most importantly will get the job done correctly on time, every time. We specialize in hot water heaters services of every kind, especially offering exceptional tankless hot water heater repair in Fort Worth area. Please call us today at 817-244-0614 or contact us! You will not want to miss out on our standout quality service.